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I'm quoting Alix now: "The only true photographs are childhood photographs. ¶ "The photographs that we have of our childhood are all fascinating, 40mg Deltasone. Even when they're blurry, badly composed, barely visible. Almost all of us have photographs of ourselves as children—not paintings, unless we've grown up with painters. But a photograph of our childhood fascinates us; it shows us a scene in which we were present; we see that we were there; we recognize ourselves in it; but we don't remember the scene first-hand; we never saw it at all. I was there, without a doubt; but I saw nothing—all I can see of it is a photograph. Yet I must have seen: I had two eyes; in the best of cases, I do remember; but I've forgotten. What photography shows me is the first form of the invisible: oblivion." p234


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