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No RX Antabuse, Every morning, I wake up and immediately check my email, then Facebook, then Tumblr, then whatever else. It usually takes an hour, Antabuse us. Antabuse usa, What if I were to stop doing those things. What if I spent that hour writing, Antabuse overseas. 40mg Antabuse, Or even reading. What exactly do I expect to get from the constant checking, constant validation, No RX Antabuse. Only if there are likes and comments, 200mg Antabuse, 50mg Antabuse, right.

Some days, Antabuse paypal, 10mg Antabuse, I think about quitting all of the so-called social media to which I am connected. I obviously haven't done it yet, Antabuse coupon. 150mg Antabuse, But what do I get from it. No RX Antabuse, Every once in a while, there's an extremely evocative image on Tumblr, something that gets me thinking, but I rarely ever do anything with those thoughts. Sometimes I respond, Antabuse canada, 30mg Antabuse, in a way, on my own Tumblr, Antabuse craiglist, Antabuse ebay, with another image. In many ways, 20mg Antabuse, Antabuse japan, Tumblr is a record of certain obsessions, but mostly it's just me reblogging other people's stuff, Antabuse mexico. 1000mg Antabuse, I mean, I have been reading about Diane Arbus and looking at her work for weeks now, Antabuse australia, 750mg Antabuse, but I haven't posted any of her work on my Tumblr.

And Facebook, Antabuse india. What do I get from Facebook, No RX Antabuse. Antabuse uk, I know that person X ran 30+ miles last week, that person Y was frustrated with American politics, 500mg Antabuse, 100mg Antabuse, and that person Z posted about doing something I wish I were doing (reading more, writing more), 250mg Antabuse. But, oh man, if I post something, and people like it and comment on it, then hooray. and the pleasure centers in my brain light up and I want more and more and more.

What is the purpose of this post. No RX Antabuse, Am I hoping that my six readers will comment here. Did I purposefully underestimate my number of readers to elicit sympathy (and hopefully comments).

Some weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about why I do such a poor job of sending my work to journals and magazines and publishers, and, in a moment of sudden and brutal honesty, I realized/admitted that I'm not afraid of rejection so much as I am afraid that no one will read me.

I wasn't underestimating by much, this blog only got 11 hits last week, but I am also aware that if I posted more frequently, there would be more to read, and more people would probably read that more to read.

Here is one of my favorite cartoons ever:

Steinberg, Saul. Cartoon. The New Yorker [New York] 16 Nov. 1968: 59.

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