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New Pony: A Horse Less Anthology is now available for purchase Actos For Sale, from Horse Less Press.

It is chock full of good writing by wonderful people like Erik Anderson, Actos ebay, Actos paypal, Cynthia Arrieu-King & Kristi Maxwell, Sarah Bartlett & Emily Kendal Frey, 200mg Actos, 100mg Actos, Eric Baus & Seth Perlow, Sommer Browning & Brandon Shimoda, Actos australia, 250mg Actos, Adam Clay, Gary L, Actos usa. Actos japan, McDowell, and Brandon Shimoda, Actos coupon, 150mg Actos, Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina, Thomas Cook & Nate Slawson, Actos overseas, 40mg Actos, Bruce Covey & Terita Heath-Wlaz, MTC Cronin & Peter Boyle, 30mg Actos, Actos uk, Mark DeCarteret, DZ Delgado & Sandy Florian, 750mg Actos, 1000mg Actos, Jennifer K. Dick, Actos craiglist, 20mg Actos, Camille Dungy & Ravi Shankar, Annie Finch & Erika Howsare, Actos us, Actos mexico, Shawn Huelle & Jess Wigent, Kirk Keen, Actos canada, 10mg Actos, The Pines, Seth Perlow & Catherine Theis, Actos india, 50mg Actos, Dani Rado, Andrea Rexilius & Susan Scarlata, 500mg Actos, Kate Schapira, Paul Siegell, Justin Taylor & Bill Hayward, and William Walsh.

It also features a cover designed by me.

Buy a copy today and support independent publishing, as well as experimental, meaningful, and fun writing.


(There will also be a celebratory reading on April 8 at the MCA Denver. More on that soon!).

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